Ciao, I’m Oana!

I'm the soul behind Velluto.

Apart from photography, some of the things that bring me joy are reading, spending time with my family, travelling and soaking in the atmosphere of other places.

One can easily find me exploring antique shops or flea markets, because I cherish things with a history. Our past defines who we are now.

My grandfather used to be a photographer and I grew up with a darkroom in the attic.

I’ve always been around cameras and film rolls, being fascinated by them from an early age.

Further on, regardless of a different initial career path, photography kept being an underlying constant in my life.

At a certain point, I just knew I had to pick up a camera and start telling stories with it.

So, I did, and then Velluto Photography came to life.

Why Velluto? In Italian “Velluto” means “velvet” and when I think about this fabric I imagine softness, rich colors and a luxurious feel.

That’s exactly what my images aim to convey.





Through my lens I capture love, the beauty of people and their special moments.

The stories I like to tell are of couples deeply in love, stylish affairs, carefully curated events full of stunning details and splashes of personality, tirelessly seeking the uniqueness of your intrinsic nature: the little gestures that make you stand apart from everybody else, a smile, a tear, a ray of sun falling down on your shoulder and creating magic.

I document things as they unfold in front of my eyes, but with an editorial approach, always trying to find the best perspective possible, with a balanced mix of stolen moments, evocative portraits and beautifully styled details.

My ultimate goal is to embed your memories in a harmonious narrative through refined, intimate and joyous images, full of beautiful light and authentic emotions.


Photographs are invaluable, they are tangible glimpses of the past, similar to Proust’s “madeleines”, capable of triggering the memories of the heart.



What I Love Most

My Family

Stephen King

My sweet daughter, Olivia, and my husband, Petru. I'm grateful for having them in my life, they make the world a better place.

Reading is my favorite pastime. I devour books of all genres. Stephen King is a long-lasting love. I have all his books and never miss a new release.

My Cats

The Sea

Aris & Daisy, providers of peace-of-mind, fluffiness, purrs and relaxing paw massages.

My happy place, where the soul feels free and the body feels connected.